Simple Drain Blockage is More Common Than a Big Underground Sewer Crack with Residential Piping

Clogged drains are commonplace in modern homes; however, what makes them such a nuisance is the potential root of all the blocking. It could be very easy to fix; a simple chunk of hair caught at the first bend in the piping could be the culprit. But, it could also be a sewer drain line cracked and is spilling all the way off the property and underneath the yard. This kind of range is unprecedented with most industries. What makes it all the more demanding is the difficulty in reaching these underground pipes with a rooter service and isolating where the problem area is located. A seasoned rooter service has the tools to locate exactly what is causing the problem.

Number One Cause for Drainage Issues

Fortunately for everyone, a sewer drain crack is relatively rare. It has a higher chance of occurring following extremely cold winters. Providence can get very cold, so a review of the system every few years could be invaluable. But clogged drains usually resort from something a little simpler. The most common items include toilet paper, paper towels, feminine products, and baby wipes. Many of these items commonly wind up in the toilet, and families think they are harmless. For the most part, they do not cause an issue, but if the toilet paper catches the pipe at an odd angle, it could accumulate. This will require a Drain cleaning RI.


How Does Toilet Paper Accumulate?

For example, rusting could be occurring in the pipe. The paper collects at a bend where a piece of the pipe is slightly sticking out. This small portion of lifted rust will be the beginning of serious blockage. Interestingly, water can escape past accumulated toilet paper for years without causing an issue. But over time, more and more paper will catch and the drainage backs up to the surface.

It is laborious to estimate the approximate costs of a drainage repair. Every issue is so different and the ranges of possibilities are unwieldy. For a simple drainage issue, the cost could be a couple hundred dollars. Simple issues include surface pipe blocking, tangible object removal, and blockage that has occurred in the first 15 or so feet. More complex sewage problems could be in the thousands.

Woods Rooter has an arsenal of powerful and intuitive tools to isolate the location of the problem. This allows them to make a rather clear cut quote upfront before the customer has to commit to the repair.


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